The Distinct Qualities of High River Angus


Authentic, exceptional, legendary Angus!3524 HighRiverAngus 4C Black
High River Angus™ means Premium-Quality Beef

The consistency and quality of High River Angus™ is no accident…it is by design. 

Consumers recognize and value the name “Angus” more than any other beef term.

Committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability-single plant sourcing insuring the highest safety and quality meeting or exceeding USDA standards.

Our commitment to consistently excellent beef is unsurpassed.

  • Pristine Beginnings and Humane Handling
  • Stringent Specifications exclusive to High River Angus™
  • High River Angus™ is highly nutritious offering high quality protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins
  • Tender by Design
  • Juicy, Fresh, Flavorful…Exceptional Eating Experience Every Time!
  • Premium Grain Fed
  • USDA Marbling Standards
  • Rich, Red Color – No Dark Cutters
  • Licensed Program – Higher Retailer and Food Service Operator Margins – Marketing Support 

High River Angus™ has a deep and rich story…Why not make it your story at your meat case?

All cuts available including offal.


Angus Ground Beef 80/20 Fine Angus 80/20 Ground Chuck
Angus Inside Skirt Angus Knuckle, Peeled
Angus Outside Skirt Angus Full Knuckle, Peeled Extra Trim
Angus Peeled Outside Skirt Angus Beef Round, Knuckle
Angus Terres Major Angus Inside Round
Angus Blade Meat Angus Inside Round Extra Trim
Angus Export Rib – Heavy Angus Gooseneck
Angus Lip on Ribeye UP Angus Eye Round
Angus Semi Bonless Chuck Angus 0x1 Short Loin
Angus Shoulder Clod Angus 0x1 Boneless Strip
Angus Shoulder Clod Extra Trim Angus Top Butt
Angus Chuck Roll Nose Off Angus Top Butt Extra Trim
Angus Chuck Tender Angus Flap Meat
Angus Brisket Nose Off Angus Ball Tip 2+
Angus Boneless Brisket Angus Top Blade
Angus Rib Short Rib Angus Peeled Tender 5 Up
Angus Chuck Short Rib Angus Peeled Tederloin Butt, Defatted
Angus Pectoral Angus Flank Steak
Angus Cattle Pack Round Angus Denuded Insides