Colorado Box delivers premium to value deli products sure to meet any requirements.  Our packaged deli products can be ordered in various quantities, flavors and brands.

Check out our packaged products, too!

Below is a sampling of our deli product offerings. Please contact us for a full list.

Bacon – Variety of Brands Deli Ham- Variety of Brands & Flavors Spiced Lunch Meats
Bologna – Variety of Brands Deli Pastrami Cheese Bologna
Braunschweiger Deli Roast Beef Cojita Cheese
Capicolla Deli Salami Colby Cheese
Chicken Breast Homestyle Deli Turkey Daisy Red Wood Cheese wheel
Chorizo Hard Salami Deli Liver Cheese
Corned Beef Mild and Hot Souse Meat Loaf Fresco Cheese
Cracked peppercorn Mortadela – Variety of Flavors Mozzarella Cheese
Cured 81 Cubed Ham Pastrami Oaxaca Cheese
Cured 81 Diced Ham Pepperoni Pepper Jack Cheese
Pickle Loaf Swiss Cheese
Prosciutto White American Cheese
Soppressata Yellow American Cheese