Lamb & Veal

In our lamb category our offerings include Domestic and Imported brands as well as Halal Certified.


Below is a sampling of our lamb & veal product offerings. Please contact us for a full list.



Lamb Hindshank Heal-On 5″ Volcano Veal Breast Bone In
Lamb Denver Ribs Veal Cubed Steak
Lamb Dinner Ribs Veal Foreshank Ossco Buco
Lamb Rack Cap Off 28-30oz Veal Heel Meat Skinned
Lamb Rack Cap On 32oz or greater Veal Liver
Lamb Ground Veal Loin
Lamb Hearts Veal Rack Rib Chops 1″
Lamb Hindshank Heal On Veal Scotch Tender
Lamb Kidneys Veal Shoulder Blade Chops
Lamb Loin Eye Boneless Veal Stew Meat
Lamb Leg Boneless Sirloin Roast Veal Tenderloin
Lamb Leg Boneless Sirloin Steak Veal Tongues
Lamb Loin 1×1 Block Ready Bone-In Veal Top Round Cap Off
Lamb Leg Trotter Off Veal Top Round Grain Fed Cap Off
Lamb Liver Trim Sirloin Butt/Rump
Lamb Loin 4″ Bone In Ground Veal
Lamb Loin Chop
Lamb Rack Hotel
Lamb Spleen
Lamb Square Cut Shoulder
Lamb Stew Boneless
Lamb Sweetbread
Lamb Carcass 45lbs and below
Lamb Hindshank Frenched 18-20oz
Lamb Foreshanks