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Below is a sampling of our pork product offerings. Please contact us for a full list.


Spare Rib

Additional Cuts

Bone In Loins Light Spare Ribs Carnita Meat
Bone In Center Cut Loins 11 Rib Medium Spare Ribs Neckbones
Bone In Saddle Loins (Espinoza’s) St. Louis Ribs Hind Feet
Boneless Center Cut Loins Strap On and Strap Off Back Rib Portions Front Feet
#2 Boneless Loins Riblets Heads
Boneless Sirloins Spare Rib Strips Tails
Bone In Sirloins (Ham Ends) #2 Spare Ribs Ears
Boneless Rib Ends Imported Spare Ribs Hocks (Picnic and Ham)
Bone In Rib Ends Back Ribs Snouts
Bone In Picnics Chitterlings
Boneless Picnics

Salted Pork

Cushion Meat Brisket Bones Full Cut Breast Bones
Bone In Ham Salted Bellies Femur Bones
Boneless Ham Salted Feet Skins
Bone In Butts Salted Jowls Belly Skins
Boneless Butts Salted Tails Fried Skins
42% Trimmings Salted Fatback Skinless Fat
72% Trimmings Pork Feet In Brine Skin On and Off Fat Back
Pork Tails In Brine Rib In Bellies


Pork Snouts in Brine Skin On and Off Bellies
Stomachs Casings
Hearts Lard
Liver Skin On and Off Jowls
Bone In Shanks– Skinless or Skin On