We are direct importers of both fresh and frozen seafood. We purchase from global seafood processors who adhere to our high quality standards of safety and traceability, as well as meeting all USDA/USDC requirements.

Besides our own Diamond Reef brand, we offer a wide selection of fine seafood products.


Below is a sampling of our seafood product offerings. Please contact us for a full list.


Fish Whole

Fish Steaks

Variety of Pack Sizes & Quantities Catfish Kingfish
Breaded Shrimp Croaker Milkfish
Cooked Shrimp Cuttlefish Swordfish
Easy Peel Shrimp Kingfish Tuna
Raw Shrimp Mackerel
Block Shrimp Mullet

Fish Loins

Peeled Shrimp Parrot Tuna
Shell On Shrimp Perch Swordfish
Shrimp Head On Pompano Pollock



Fish Portions

Blue Crab Snapper Mahi
Crab Cluster Dungeness Tilapia Salmon
Crab Cluster
Imitation Crab


Additional Seafood Products

King Crab Catfish Catfish Nuggets
Cod Breaded Catfish Nuggets

Shell Fish

Flounder Breaded Fish Sticks
Clam Grouper Crawfish Meat
Conch Haddock Frog Legs
Crawfish Perch Crab Cakes
Lobster Tail Pollock Alligator
Mussels Salmon Pasta Sauce with Shrimp
Scallops Seatrout Pasta Sauce with Mussels and Clams
Octopus Snapper Shrimp Stir Fry
Squid Swai Shrimp Fried Rice
Tilapia Shrimp Sausage Jumbalaya

Salted Fish

Wahoo Shrimp Sausage Gumbo
Mackerel Whiting Seafood Combo
Cod Hushpuppies

Smoked Fish

Hushpuppies with Jalapenos
Herring Breading Mix