Diamond Reef Seafood

At Diamond Reef Seafood, our mission is to deliver world-class quality seafood from The Seven Seas to every family’s table. From sustainable, responsible fisheries and the vast, wide open oceans, we are committed to delivering a product that is as environmentally conscious as it is delectable.

Seafood You Can Trust

  • High quality, sustainable and responsible selection and sourcing
  • Products that are 100% net weight, always
  • Rigorous third-party credentialing to ensure products meet the highest standards
  • Partnerships with the most reputable seafood sources from around the globe for greater variety, quality and cost-effective pricing

For Freshness, Frozen Can’t Be Beat

  • Lock in fresh flavor and health benefits of seafood by freezing right after catch and thawing it right before preparation.

Superior Selection

  • Highly sought-after varieties like swai, tilapia, shrimp and other consumer favorites ready for sale
  • Keep pace with popular trends and keep customers happy

We Take Our Partnerships Seriously

  • Marketing support to keep your seafood program performing its best and to answer any questions along the way
  • Consultative seafood specialists at your service
  • Branded retail toolkits
  • Demos, plan-o-grams, door sets, profit calculators, and more

To learn more about our comprehensive line of world-class seafood, visit DiamondReefSeafood.com.

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