High River Angus

Our High River Angus brand excels in delivering authentic, exceptional, legendary Angus to the plates of your customers. Carefully designed, High River Angus offers a broad selection of consistent, premium-quality beef products.

High Quality. High Standards. High River Angus.

  • Pristine beginnings and humane handling
  • Consistent quality
  • Juicy, tender and flavorful for powerful profit potential
  • Exceeds stringent USDA grading standards
  • Rich, red color and no dark cutters
  • Higher usable yield
  • Rave reviews, repeat business and customer loyalty

We Care About the Treatment of Others

  • Committed to delivering an enjoyable eating experience every time your family shares a table with us
  • Our premium grain-fed Angus beef is a gift from nature and we continue to move forward as stewards of the environment by protecting the health of our cattle, our employees and, most importantly, your family
  • Quality beef starts in the DNA and is impacted by weather, environment and handling. High River Angus ensures that the beef cattle produced for our brand are raised, fed and handled to the highest standards to ensure great and consistent beef
  • As consumers become more aware of humane practices and environmental impact, it’s critical that our products meet not only governmental standards, but the perceptions held by the purchaser

To learn more about our comprehensive line of legendary Angus, visit HighRiverAngus.com or connect with us on social media: @highriverangus

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