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Our Products

With vendor partners including the largest protein producer in the world, down to small family owned specialty craft processors, we are able to supply any item in the meat, deli, seafood, specialty or packaged meat category. We take pride in tailoring our offerings to your specific needs. Explore our regular product categories below and contact us for a complete products listing.


Colorado Boxed Beef Co. has a comprehensive beef program designed to meet all needs, starring our exclusive High River Angus Brand

Program Highlights:

  • Domestic Beef from the leading U.S. processors
  • International Beef from Mexico, Canada and Australia
  • Supplying product grades from Prime, Choice, and Select to no-roll and utility
  • All beef products meet stringent USDA specifications and guidelines

We are proud to partner with:

  • Certified Angus Beef™
  • Chef’s Exclusive™
  • Five Star
  • Cargill
  • IBP
  • JBS
  • National Beef


We carry an extensive line of the best quality pork products from trusted national and local suppliers to ensure all your pork needs are met.


Colorado Boxed Beef Co. can meet your fresh and frozen poultry needs, however extensive they may be. Through partnerships with our national and local suppliers, we offer a full line of antibiotic free and 100% vegetarian-fed whole chicken and parts.


We are direct importers of both fresh and frozen seafood. We purchase from global seafood processors who adhere to our high-quality standards of safety and traceability, and meet all USDA/USDC and Best Aquaculture Practices requirements.

In addition to our wide selection of commodity seafood products, be sure to explore our exceptional branded product lines, Diamond Reef Seafood and The Great Fish Co. (a Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody and Ecolabel License Agreement certified distributor).

Lamb & Veal

Encompassing both domestic and imported brands as well as Halal Certified products, our lamb and veal offerings will be sure to satisfy your needs.


In an effort to better serve customers and to reach our growing Hispanic market, Colorado Boxed Beef Co. offers a full line of Hispanic products, available in a variety of sizes and profiles.


Have a product need that doesn’t quite fit into one of the other categories listed? Just ask! We carry a broad line of specialty food items from Alligator to Quail that will make your menu interesting.


We deliver both premium and value deli products sure to meet any requirements. Our packaged deli products can be ordered in various quantities, profiles and brands.


We carry a variety of grocery products in many sizes.

Packaged Food

Our packaged food products can be ordered in a variety of pack sizes, profiles and brands. Our meats come from National and Regional Processors and include everything from the basics to regional specialties.


Get your supplies delivered at the same time! Colorado Boxed Beef offers a wide variety of packing supplies in a variety of sizes.

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