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Are You Compliant with New FSIS Meat Grinding Regulations?

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has finalized a rule requiring all official establishments and retail stores that grind raw beef for sale in commerce to maintain specific information about their grinding activities. While this rule is intended to enhance consumer food safety by tracking sources of ground meat, it places the burden on operators to maintain records that meet federal regulations.

Introducing the GOT Systems Electronic Grinding Log Tool

Introducing the GOT Systems Electronic Grinding Log Tool

In continued support of our broad customer base of independent retailers, Colorado Boxed Beef Co. has partnered with GOT Systems to offer their Electronic Grinding Log as an essential business tool to assist our customers in compliance with these new FSIS regulations. In the spirit of partnership, we are also covering the $100 cost of signup for this tool for qualified customers.

An Easy, Inexpensive and Essential Tool to Meet Federal Regulations for In-store Grinding

The GOT Systems Electronic Grinding Log allows CBBC customers and their employees to quickly and easily capture all the information required by the new FSIS regulations and detailed reporting allows for easy access to records for inspection.

Insights to Improve Your Operation

Insights to Improve Your Operation

In addition to ensuring compliance with food safety standards, the GOT Systems Electronic Grinding Log will provide customers with vital insights related to operations:
  • Yield performance
  • Pull patterns
  • Cleaning regimens
  • Store-to-store comparisons

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A Flexible, Complete Program with Everything Retailers Need

  • Easy entry of required data into portable handheld device
  • Simple access to records for inspection
  • Detailed reporting for insights to improve your operation’s efficiency
  • No purchase of expensive handhelds necessary – these are included in weekly maintenance fees
  • No requirement to sign a contract. Service is strictly on a week-to-week basis


Contact Your Sales Representative Today to Find Out if You Qualify

Ready to add this easy, inexpensive, and essential tool to your operation? Contact your Colorado Boxed Beef Co. representative today or get in touch with us via one of the following methods and a representative will guide you through the quick and easy signup process.

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Learn About the Official FSIS Ruling

You can find the full FSIS rule regarding retail recordkeeping for establishments and retail stores that grind raw beef products on the FSIS website.

Official FSIS Meat Grinding Regulations Information

About GOT Systems: For close to 30 years, GOT Systems has been providing tools for Independent Grocers to keep their customers happy, save money, and stay compliant. Learn more on the GOT Systems website.


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